Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 4 Menu


Sun: Yogurt/Muffin/Fruit
Mon: Cereal/Fruit/Bagels
Tue: Eggs/Fruit
Wed: Yogurt/Muffin/Fruit
Thu: Oatmeal/Fruit
Fri: Cereal/Fruit
Sat: Eggs/Waffles/Bacon/Fruit/Juice

Morning Snack:

Sun: (at church)
Mon: Toaster Struedel/Manderin Oranges
Tue: Dried Cereal/Dried Fruit
Wed: Apples/Cheese
Thu: Grapes/Fig Bars
Fri: Bananas/Pineapple
Sat: Apples


Sun: Homemade Ham & Cheese Pockets (favorite fixins rolled into a tortilla and baked at 400 degrees for 15 mins)
Mon: Sandwiches/Dried Apples
Tue: Chicken Pot Pie
Wed: Macaroni & Cheese/Peas
Thu: Homemade Pizza
Fri: Salad
Sat: Sandwiches/Chips/Pickles

Afternoon Snack:

Sun: Trail Mix
Mon: Smoothies
Tue: Muffins
Wed: Flavored Crackers
Thu: Oranges/Cashews
Fri: Cookies
Sat: Cheesecake


Sun: Beans/Fried Potatoes/Corn Bread
Mon: White Enchiladas
Tue: Chicken Dish (daughter comes up with a new recipe each week)
Wed: Sandwiches/Peaches
Thu: Pork Chops/Carrots/Mash Potatoes
Fri: Burritos/Sopapillas
Sat: Ravioli/Salad/Veggies

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