Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finally, the Porch is (Pretty Much) Done!!

This was my dream porch from a Southern Living Magazine.
It took my most of the summer but I finally (pretty much) finished my porch!

I still want to get a plant for the left hand corner. I found the container for it. I just need to paint it white and get a plant (someday). I also need pillows for the loveseat and cushions for the chairs. Little by little it is getting done.

I love sitting here now. I do a lot of my homework here. I talk to God a lot here. It is so peaceful!

So Simple!

How simple could it be? I am reading House Works by Cynthia Townley Ewer ( I received one of those ah-ha moments with our library books.

House Works recommends that with children's things we should make it harder for them to get their things out than it is to put away. Huh? That was a difficult concept to digest. It took me a while to realize that she didn't mean make it "hard" just "harder than".

A simple change made a huge difference in the book clutter in my living room.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for Christmas?

For those who enjoy using the Organized Christmas it begins this Sunday, Aug 30th!

I love to use this weekly plan to get my house squeaky clean and to begin baby stepping to prepare for Christmas.

Doing all the planning, purchasing, baking, and cooking little by little is so much more productive for me.

I can get the kids involved, it isn't stressful, and it sure helps on the budget!

If you are looking for a different type of organizing site than getting 50 emails a day then Organized Home might be an option during the rest of the year. Remember: baby steps. In all things moderation! They have great cleaning tips that are more effective than the traditional ways that our mammas taught us (if we were so blessed!).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We were robbed!!!

Can you believe it. You pray, you lock your doors, and you believe that it will never happen to you.

Then one day you walk back to your garden, pick a tomatoe and find HIM:

How dare he. Just who does he think he is coming into my garden and chowin down on my mater??!!

Our Nature Walk

Ever find yourself not appreciating what you already have? I don't mean being ungrateful for what you have. I mean "can't see the nose at the end of your face" kind of no appreciating.

We are using My Father's World Countries and Cultures study this year for the younger 4. (So much easier to teach in a group effort!). One of the tasks is to take a nature walk every week. I've been wondering where to do this and when would I find the time to pile into the vehicle and get it done. about walking in the back 2 acres behind my house??!! Duh! I have about 1 acre of nothing but woodline. Talk about not seeing the nose at the end of the face! We have about 1 acre of meadow field in front of the woodline.

The kids are younger and hubby is concerned about them being out there with the snakes so beyond the gate has always been off limits to the little ones with no adult. The off limits made me almost forget I had 2 acres back there!

So we packed up the books and had class in the woodline today! We brought a blanket and some snacks and really enjoyed ourselves. We read and learned about the forest floor. It was so great having a forest floor to use as an example. We heard all sorts of noises. Saw all sorts of bugs. Looked at all sorts of trees. It was so peaceful and so memorable.

We are going to make a seasons book of our own biome this year. We will document our trees and the types of clothing we wear for each season. I'm looking forward to it.

This is one of our very old Native Pecan trees in our woodline. All the green on my property is so beautiful. It shames me to think that I had learned how to not be thankful to God for it all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another birthday!

Our dd #7 turned 7 this weekend.

She wanted a cowgirl hat this year and Atwoods was more than happy to ablige with a beautiful pink one on clearance! I love that store! I can get a bag of dog food, a birthday present, dog flea medicine, a good door mat, and candy all in one stop!

A good friend of hers gave her a Webkinz horse for her birthday. This is the first Webkinz any of my kids have ever had! I know...we take a while to catch up!

Dd wanted me to make her cake just like her new doll so here was the attempt:

A busy month

We started school over here 3 weeks ago. Gee...why can't I do everything like a supermom should?? smile

Between my college, my kids' school, and keeping up with the house I definintely have a full plate!

I look forward to this semester ending then I will definintely go back to part time school for me!