Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is my home a "Welcome Home" home?

This article at Organized Home was written so beautifully!

It reminded me what really is important as I plan holiday hospitality. I admit that I sometimes allow the magazines of beautifully (and way over-budgeted) decorated rooms pick at my contentment of what I have (or don't have).

This article allowed me to focus on what is really important. It reminded me of what my friend at Walking out His Good Plans immulates in her home.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I have identification!!!

Thank you Sheila Amos, botanist extraordinaire, for identifying my flower!!!!

She led me to: Lycoris Radiata, more commonly known as a Hurricane Lily, Red Spider Lily, or (my favorite) Resurrection Lily!!

It’s origin is China and Japan.

It is a bulb plant so God brought me this flower because He loves me!! I doubt a bird would have “deposited” a bulb!!

I bet I haven’t seen it before because the conditions have not been right for it to pop up! It is a September bloomer with 60 to 70 temps and plenty of water. Since I have moved here we have been in draught every year around this time with very high temperatures.

What is amazing is it is related to a pink flower that I have admired in my neighbor’s pastor. I keep meaning to go over and get some from the property but forget every year! So I thought it was neat that the Lord brought me its relative so now I can have both the red and the pink!! God is so good!!

Thanks Sheila!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The value of my gift

Disclaimer: I don't post this to brag. The point of this post is to edify and encourage others who don't feel like they have much to offer.

My neighbor is going on a business trip for a spell and asked if I would be willing to take her perishables so that she wouldn't have to throw them out since they were not "freezable". She had cabbage, many different varieties of squash, and a bulk bag of peeled baby carrots.

I told her that she could definitely freeze them if she cooked them a little first. She and I had a previous discussion how Fall was our favorite time of year and that we just love all the stews and soups to make on a chilly day.

When I told her what she could do her reply was, "Well, the problem is I'm running out of time." I actually grieved for her at that moment. You see, her family is quite financially stable and successful. I so desperately try not to covet her life and her beatiful house. I'm sure she has no problem spending a mere $50 for decorations to spruce up her porch in one store visit. That would take me several months to squeeze from our tight budget to acquire.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me at that moment that I had something just as valuable as money. I have time...and plenty of it.

Our neighbors have blessed us so much over the years. They once gave us a whole deer to process and keep. They constantly bless the kids with gifts from her consignment store and always have fresh produce from their garden of the items that I do not grow in mine to bless us with.

I have never felt the need to pay them back. God doesn't keep tallies. He isn't keeping score. (This is where the disclaimer comes in!!). But, I knew that I had an opportunity to bless them (not bless them back...just bless them).

I am currently steaming all the veggies she gave me and will give her half of them back all bagged and ready for her freezer in portions for her to use in her soups and stews. She also gave me overripe bananas that she was going to make banana bread with so I will do that for her as well.

I can't wait to be able to bless her! Isn't giving fun???

So don't under-estimate the value of your gifts and talents. No matter how insignificant or small your generosity seems to you it can be a HUGE blessing to the one you are serving.

Why don't I notice?

Proverbs 27:23 "Know well the face of your flocks; and pay attention to your herds."

My children show me almost everyday how I need to slow down and take notice.

The kids discovered this little beauty on a tree in the front of the property. She was all moist and waiting to dry before taking flight. Personally I wanted to squash her like know...but for the sake of the children and the fact that it hadn't partaken in wrong doings (yet!) of my foilage I showed mercy and spared her!

A few days later my kids noticed this flower growing under a small tree in my "garden" that I have not worked on yet. Since it is under a tree where many birds like to roost I am going to assume one of them "deposited" this seed while visiting. Can someone tell me what it is? I don't recognize this beauty. It is watermelon in color, about 3-4 inches in span and about 18-24 inches high.

I really like this flower and will collect its seeds for hopefully a few of these beauties next year.

Proverbs 27:23 "Know well the face of your flocks; and pay attention to your herds."