Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 3 Household Chores Weekly Plan

I'm one of those that really need an itenerary of my day. It is not that I am totally rigid and follow it minute by minute, but that I have something to get me back on course when I stray (or nap!)

I recommend finding a worksheet that you really like. If you can't Google one that works for you then make your own.

This plan pairs with my menu plan so that I don't forget to defrost something!! It also pairs with the area of the house that I focus on.

Week 3 (Dining Room/Master Bedroom)


Laundry: Mine and my husband's
- defrost meatballs
- cook muffins
- wipe walls


Laundry: kids
- defrost fish
- make tuna fish salad
- sweep and mop dining room floor


Laundry: Older kids' day (they do their own); towels
- defrost lunchmeat
- dust bedroom
- freeze bananas on stick for Thursday snack
- boil eggs for tomorrow's lunch

- prepare Stroganoff in crockpot
- make egg salad for lunch

Laundry: Sheets
- defrost hamburgers and bagels
- make buns
- make ice cream and homemade goodies for snack
- pick up/drop off laundry from cleaners (my handmaiden irons for me!!)
- defrost Saturday breakfast items before bed

Laundry: towels
- make homemade goodies for snack
- soak beans for Sunday supper
- declutter bedroom

- make hot pockets before church for lunch
- cook beans after church for supper
- reserve some beans for Monday's supper

Daily Routine:

-make bed
-make Roy's breakfast and lunch
-Bible devotion with my java
-empty dishwasher
-begin laundry
-meal prep
-15 minute mission (yes, I Flylady! to my own beat - I'll post more on that another time)
-morning errands
-afternoon errands
-kids' chores
-supper prep
-pick clothes for tomorrow
-check calendar
-place things needed for tomorrow
-clear a hot spot (Flylady)
-set coffee pot
-shine sink (Flylady again!)
-wash face/brush teeth
-prep kids for bed
-charge phone/Ipod

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