Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've done it again!

How did I let ANOTHER month go by without posting??? School really has taken most of my free time. Since all my school is done online I am on the computer quite a bit so doing extra stuff on the computer has seemed like a turn off lately.

I've actually been spending time house hunting. I have not been too happy with my property since our ice storm two years ago that either killed or severely damaged our trees. The property was always so beautiful. It has been hard to look at sticks with a branch here and there.

After looking and looking I realized no location was good enough. That is when it dawned on me that it wasn't my property I was unhappy with...it was my house. It just doesn't meet our needs. We are a family of 7 built for a family of 4 with only one bathroom.

Why am I house hunting? I HAVE a house...a GREAT house. I needed to adjust my stinking thinking. If I'm not satisfied with my house then MAKE it meet our needs. I decided to start with stuff that wouldn't cost me much that would bring a smile to my face.

I love sitting at my friend's house watching the birds. She has tons! Gee...maybe because she sends them invitations with all her feeders and flowers. I love flowers so why don't I have any??? When I got home I purposed in my heart to start making the outside pretty again. I purchased another hummingbird feeder and some suet feeders.

I also made some bird feeders for free from this site out of water bottles. Then I found a suet cake recipe but didn't like the idea of feeding the birds Crisco so I made my own recipe of 3 parts peanut butter, 3 parts corn meal, 1 part flour, and 2 parts bird seed. I mixed it up, formed cakes and placed in the suet cages.

Since I make my own corn meal and flour from grain and already own birdseed then all I had to purchase was the peanut butter. It wasn't any cheaper to make than purchasing the pre-made cakes but I was able to place twice as much into the cages so in the long run it looks like it will be cheaper. Now we'll just see if the birds like it!

I've learned not to despise small beginnings. I'm changing my attitude and learning to re-love my property and my house. It is a whole lot more than many people in this world have and I need to appreciate what God has blessed us with!!

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  1. I almost bought one of those bird seed cakes at Conrad's until I saw that it contained Crisco. Like you, I just couldn't feed that to birds, either. :)