Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My tiny garden

About three years ago I made a huge garden in our pasture. We fenced it in and I was going to dive into having tons of veggies. Hardly anything grew.

The next year I tried again and NOTHING grew. I lost everything.

Last year I just couldn't bring myself to doing all that work and spending all that money for nothing.

This year I decided to start over again but SMALL.

This is on the side of our cellar right outstide my back door (which is off the kitchen). This garden is managable and very close by. I'm a lot more faithful to tend to it. I used garden timbers that I already had and leveled the slope from the side of the cellar. All I started with was spinach, lettuce, and tomotoes. I read on a blog that you can replant the bulbs of green onions from the store (leaving about 1 inch of the stalk) and they will continue to grow. Well they have and I have had non-stop green onions all season!

Someone's dad blessed me with a bunch of chives (with the bulbs and heads!) so I replanted those and they have done well. I have saved the seeds from the heads for next year. This year was my first year of starting tomotoes from seed (from heirloom tomotoes from a friend last year!). I started way too late and won't have toms for awhile but I am proud of my efforts anyways. I'm building good habits to grown on.

I love bunnies...until they start eating my lettuce! I built a screen from chicken wire and added a play snake to help. So far so good!


  1. Looks great! I love the water bottle feeders. Such a clever idea. I'm boring and usually just pick mine up at yard sales. I'll have to get more creative, like you!

  2. Good tips! I am feeling really confident with my garden this year and have thoughts of expanding next year. Your post is a reminder to me to keep things within my range of abilities. :)

    Good info on rabbits, too. I have my plants in tall containers this year, but if I expand next year, they would be in the ground, right at rabbit level. :)