Monday, June 29, 2009

Two New Projects

I have 2 projects on the burner since I lost a week volunteering for VBS last week. We had over 150 children come and had 36 salvations!! God is good!!

My first project is that I am wallpapering my kitchen with some wallpaper that I found at the Ezra House in Coweta for $3. It matches perfectly with my countertops and floor.

An of course I forgot to take my before pictures so I will just have to give you one of my during pictures:

The stain glass window stays because the people who owned the house before us had this house since the 70's when they had it MOVED to the 3 acres that it is currently on. (I've moved myself many times...but never a HOUSE!). They made this window themselves so I just can't bear to part with it since it is a part of the History to this house.
The walls are real wood paneling (that were already painted when I moved here so don't shoot me!). Right now they are bluish gray. All the white stripes are the spackling that I have placed in all the grooves. I will sand those down tomorrow. It is almost time for me to cook supper so I don't want the dust around getting in my food. Since it will be cooler after supper I will be working on the other project that is outside.

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