Monday, June 29, 2009

Project #2

The other project that I am working on is my front porch. I have lived in this house for EXACTLY 11 years to the day (today is our 11th wedding anniversary!!) and I have never placed anything on the west side of my porch. There are 2 lawn chairs on the east side and a small unstable and wobbly table that I wouldn't dare place one of my glasses on and that is it.

We are rural Okies. Rural Okies don't use their front door...they use the mud room door. Why would I be thinking about the front porch when the only time I'm on it is to sweep it once a (three) months?? Hubby and I used to sit out there all the time. What happened? It wasn't a comfortable place to be anymore when the table got wobbly!

Here is a picture of a front porch from Country Living:

I immediately fell in love with this picture and knew this was my porch. Someone must have sneeked over here while I was at Wal-mart, decorated it, took the picture, and then left with all the stuff! Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the before shot of my porch but I think you can all use your imagination of what "nothing" looks like! Here is a shot of my during:

The lattice was given to me by a very sweet fellow home educator. She just would not take anything for it and told me to use what I would have given her on something else for the project. Thank know who you are!! There is another piece that will go behind the loveseat but we must first construct a bracket so that we don't have to damage any of the vinyl siding.

I purchased the Pier One wicker love seat off Craigslist for $40. It is still in excellent physical condition. Metal frame and still quite sturdy. As you can see it needs a paint job and the rust colored cushion is quite faded to a light pink. The cushion is still in excellent physical condition and is weather resistant. I will try dying it first. If that does not give me an acceptable effect I will re-cover it.

I found plenty of sheer fabric at the Salvation Army for $12.99. You can see it lying on the storage container. It is brand new and I would have paid double or triple for what I purchased so I am pleased overall with the price.

I have a small table like the one in the original picture and picked up some brass pots to spray paint black to hold a citronella candle and a plant.

My patio storage container will be painted white and placed on the other end of the porch. This will hold all the pillows and cushions when not in use.

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