Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning to Think Outside the Box!

I wanted to sell my bulky bakers rack that consumes my kitchen and gets in my way. It is a baker's rack. Baker's racks belong in the kitchen right?

Well, outside the box, you can put a baker's rack anywhere. I've been needing a folding table in my laundry room but are monies our committed to other areas right now so I just couldn't remodel at the moment.

I had an a-ha moment (no, it didn't hurt!). Can I take the upper shelves off the base and not loose the sturdyness of it? YES!!!!!!!!

So I removed the upper portion and placed the baker'r rack in my laundry room and stacked the two shoe shelves that I had in the laundry room and placed them in my kitchen! That was totally free. (The three trash cans you see are actually my recycling, plastic, and cans.)

Now I have more room in my kitchen and can open my bottom cabinets and use the pull out shelf that I paid extra to have but couldn't use! This kitchen wall will be part of the wallpaper project. I'm just doing one wall at a time. I have found that I will get projects done if I do segments instead of trying to get it all done at once. With the 5 kids' needs I get quite a few interruptions and distractions. They are my priority during the day...not the projects. If I do one wall at a time then I only use about two hours of my day, my kitchen isn't a disaster area, and I can still function and return to the rest at a later time if needed. Baby steps.

I am tempted to spray paint the upper shelf rack from the baker's rack and hang it on this wall in a place to my liking where the baker's rack used to be. I still bake and could use the extra drying rack space. I will also be finding an old frame, painting it to my liking and have a nicer border for my VERY highly used calendar.

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  1. Great job. Such a smart use of space and things you already own. I love it!