Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dehydrating The Harvest Abundance

One of my favorite reasons for gardening is having lots of healthy food around that I've grown. It means that I know where it came from, what exactly is in it, and that it was picked at a ripe time. The sad part of growing is knowing that each food's season must come to an end. So how can we have our yummy home grown food around during the off-season? Dehydrating!

A dear friend recommended to me an excellent book on food dehydration. "Dry It You'll Like It" written by Gen MacManiman is a simple oldie but goody. You can download the pdf of this book for free here.

In this book you will find all the instructions needed to dehydrate various types of foods like fruits, vegetables, herbs grains, meats, and even fish. There are also recipes for leathers and snacks. My favorite aspect of the book is the plans, materials lists, and building instructions to build a dehydrator of my own.

Living Foods Dehydrators are unique in that no fan is required. They use their own specially designed Warm Air Generator (WAG) that allows low temperature heat (100-110 degrees) to rise taking the moisture right up with it. The key is in the air moving freely within the compartment. The cabinet design allows for that circulation with no fan necessary.

If you do not desire to build your own dehydrator Living Foods Dehydrators have both kits and complete cabinets that you may purchase here.

*****No compensation of any kind was given by this company or any other. These statements are completely my own opinions for informational purposes only.

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