Thursday, July 10, 2014

ZYTO Scanning

The other evening a dear friend of mine and I had an opportunity to perform Zyto scanning on 16 individuals. We had men, women, and even children participating.

What is ZYTO scanning? Basically, a ZYTO scan is a tool that reads the body through bio-communication much like a lie detector does. By interacting energetically with the body the ZYTO software will essentially "ask the body questions" and record the body's responses or "answers". This extremely short video can help explain. 

My favorite aspect of the scan is that it allows my body to communicate to me what it lacks nutritionally. My latest scan told me that Melaleuca Alternifolia and Mountain Savory could bring my baseline markers back into range. 

These two essential oils are excellent in assisting the immune system. 

If you live in the Coweta/Broken Arrow/Tulsa area and are interested in receiving a ZYTO scan and a consult of the results please feel free to contact me at my facebook here

UPDATE: After using Melaleuca and Mountain Savory faithfully for one month I can testify that my immune system was much improved! 

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