Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Room

I was having a difficult time distinguishing my farm fresh eggs that my very faithful new chickens have been providing for me and my store bought eggs when left in their cartons.

I also dislike when I need just one or two eggs but must still fight the carton one handed because I have a messy opposite (I know you're supposed to pull all your necessary ingredients out first...but that would just only make sense now wouldn't it??)

My solution became so simple that it perplexed me for years. I now keep my eggs in a basket. Easy to store, easy to grab, and saves room to hide those Dove chocolates behind the basket waaaaaaaaay in the back!! ;) I can easily keep 3 dozen eggs in it.

Don't worry...it's the day before payday. My fridge always looks like that the day before I go shopping. It will be busting out the seams tomorrow!


  1. Great idea...and our fridge looks a lot like this too the day before shopping.

  2. Yep, choco-dog. Of course, now it is filled with homemade peppermint bark, peanut butter cups, and mint cups so that the chocolate will set!! Yum! (PS...I miss you!!)