Friday, September 25, 2009

I have identification!!!

Thank you Sheila Amos, botanist extraordinaire, for identifying my flower!!!!

She led me to: Lycoris Radiata, more commonly known as a Hurricane Lily, Red Spider Lily, or (my favorite) Resurrection Lily!!

It’s origin is China and Japan.

It is a bulb plant so God brought me this flower because He loves me!! I doubt a bird would have “deposited” a bulb!!

I bet I haven’t seen it before because the conditions have not been right for it to pop up! It is a September bloomer with 60 to 70 temps and plenty of water. Since I have moved here we have been in draught every year around this time with very high temperatures.

What is amazing is it is related to a pink flower that I have admired in my neighbor’s pastor. I keep meaning to go over and get some from the property but forget every year! So I thought it was neat that the Lord brought me its relative so now I can have both the red and the pink!! God is so good!!

Thanks Sheila!!

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