Monday, September 19, 2016

DIY Recipe of the Week: Dry Freshener

Last week I posted a recipe for a fabric freshener but that recipe was in liquid form. You can find that recipe here. 

Today I will share my all time favorite DRY multi-purpose freshener. This freshener gets many uses in places where the liquid freshener just would not do.

I use this freshener in my sinks, in my washing machine, in all our shoes, on our mattresses, and even on my carpets.

With two simple ingredients, my home (and children's feet) smell divine!


Glass container of choice
Baking soda
Purification essential oil blend by Young Living


1. Fill glass container about 2/3 full of baking soda. (No measurements are necessary)

2. Place 5 drops of Purification essential oil blend on top of baking soda for smaller containers or 7-10 drops for larger containers.

3. Shake mixture until well blended. Open container and top off with baking soda (leaving enough space for more shaking) and shake again until well blended.

For the smaller jar, I placed a homemade pour spout from an orange juice container. Tutorial for this spout can be found here.

For the larger jar, I placed a 1/4 cup stainless steel measuring cup.

Jar label tutorial can be found here. (What they don't show in the video is that you should print your "labels" and let the ink dry for 24 hrs before proceeding. That is why mine look a little faded.)


Washing Machine: 1/4 cup freshener to pungent loads

Shoes: sprinkle apprx 2 tablespoons freshener into each shoe coating entire inside; let sit for an hour; shake out excess over a trash can

Carpets: sprinkle lightly over carpet; let sit for an hour; vacuum

Mattresses: sprinkle lightly over mattress; let sit for an hour; vacuum

Sinks: sprinkle lightly all over inside sink; sprinkle down drain; pour 1/2 cup vinegar; wait for fizzing to stop, rinse sink

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