Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Nature Walk

Ever find yourself not appreciating what you already have? I don't mean being ungrateful for what you have. I mean "can't see the nose at the end of your face" kind of no appreciating.

We are using My Father's World Countries and Cultures study this year for the younger 4. (So much easier to teach in a group effort!). One of the tasks is to take a nature walk every week. I've been wondering where to do this and when would I find the time to pile into the vehicle and get it done. about walking in the back 2 acres behind my house??!! Duh! I have about 1 acre of nothing but woodline. Talk about not seeing the nose at the end of the face! We have about 1 acre of meadow field in front of the woodline.

The kids are younger and hubby is concerned about them being out there with the snakes so beyond the gate has always been off limits to the little ones with no adult. The off limits made me almost forget I had 2 acres back there!

So we packed up the books and had class in the woodline today! We brought a blanket and some snacks and really enjoyed ourselves. We read and learned about the forest floor. It was so great having a forest floor to use as an example. We heard all sorts of noises. Saw all sorts of bugs. Looked at all sorts of trees. It was so peaceful and so memorable.

We are going to make a seasons book of our own biome this year. We will document our trees and the types of clothing we wear for each season. I'm looking forward to it.

This is one of our very old Native Pecan trees in our woodline. All the green on my property is so beautiful. It shames me to think that I had learned how to not be thankful to God for it all.

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