Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another birthday!

Our dd #7 turned 7 this weekend.

She wanted a cowgirl hat this year and Atwoods was more than happy to ablige with a beautiful pink one on clearance! I love that store! I can get a bag of dog food, a birthday present, dog flea medicine, a good door mat, and candy all in one stop!

A good friend of hers gave her a Webkinz horse for her birthday. This is the first Webkinz any of my kids have ever had! I know...we take a while to catch up!

Dd wanted me to make her cake just like her new doll so here was the attempt:

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  1. Love the cake. Maybe we can try that for Elise when she turns 7 in October. She loves horses. Your daughter looks just like you in this photo :)