Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

Yes, I actually decorated something in my house all by myself with no copying from a friend, magazine, or blog!

My dd14y and I went to Old Time Pottery to pick up some more glass bowls. Since I didn't have my "troop" with me (I don't dare bring them in a room full of glass and pottery! They are well behaved so I can't imagine what a "terror" could do in a place like that!) ANYWAYS....I checked out the clearance table and saw some wrought iron candle sconces for the wall that I really knew would look good in my dining room.

I looked and looked for a painting that would go and just couldn't. I want to absolutely love something before I spend money on it...hence why many of my walls are blank! I either don't really love it or I do but just can't budget it at the moment.

I was giving up and heading out and passed the floor rugs...and epiphany (can you hear the chorus?)! Why does it HAVE to be a painting? Maybe there will be a nice floor rug that would look neat. My daughter soon joins me. We both spot something at the same time. It is a chocolate brown woven leather floor mat. Please don't ask me why but for some reason it reminds me of Roman Soldier Sandals. This appeals to me just because of the whole Biblical reference thing (sandals of peace...). This mat and the sconces are almost the exact same color!

This mat is huge so how to offset the sconces? about placemats? Butterscotch are perfect because they are the same color as the base coat of my colorwashed walls!

So here it is:


  1. Well, Martha. That is just beautiful! It even looks like it matches the pattern on the sofa fabric. I just love it. I had to look at it twice, because the picture made it look flat at first. You've done a beautiful job!

  2. Oh, I like it. Very pretty!