Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crazy Oklahoma Spring Weather!

This isn't snow...this is hail! I couldn't believe how it was coming down. Thought the roof was going to cave in! It probably did this for about 10 minutes. The sound of it hitting our carport was pretty cool.

It did make a nice break in the school day. Got to quickly review how hail was made. One daughter had forgotten that it was Spring when this usually happened. She thought it was too warm for ice but then she quickly remembered.

So two days later what does it decide to do? Now THIS is snow. Couldn't believe it. I think we got about 6 to 7 inches...just 2 days after our beautiful Spring Thunderstorm with the hail. (I can say beautiful because I have a carport to protect my vehicles!)

Would you believe the very next day all the snow had melted and was in the 50's like it never happened? The only evidence I have are my pictures....and oh....the mud that keeps strewing into my house every 15 minutes. Gotta love that crazy Oklahoma weather! Will someone PLEASE make up their mind what season it is going to be in April???!!!

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