Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Young Living Keeps Running Out of Oils and Why I Don't Mind

If you are a customer with Young Living, you have most certainly tried to order an oil recently that is OOS (Out Of Stock). Frustrating? Yes. Should it be? No....and here is my reason why I choose not to be.

The entire reason why Young Living is the ONLY brand of essential oil products that I will use or recommend is their Seed to Seal guaranty. Seed to Seal means that Young Living controls every aspect of every plant they use from the beginning of where and how the seeds came into existence to the very end when they seal their bottles for shipment.

Either Young Living owns the farm from which the seeds come or they are in direct partnership with the farms. Young Living's quality control goes way beyond what any law deems is satisfactory. Young Living's quality control assures me that there are no dangerous chemicals in any product. What they list is what you get. No secret ingredients, additives, or impurities here.

Because of this quality control and the fact that Young Living products come from plants....well....plants have seasons and they have life spans. Sometimes Young Living just plainly runs out of plants. Because Young Living refuses to thin their oils with additives to make them last longer sometimes we have to wait for the next crop.

If you do not currently have a distributer and you would like to make a purchase please visit me here.

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