Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 2 Household Chores List

Week 2 is when I detail the kitchen. Of course, it gets cleaned everyday but this is when I take care of those things that seem to accumulate into the "nasties" if not addressed occasionally.

Week 2 Household Chores List

Laundry: Ours
- defrost ground turkey/tortillas
- steam clean upper cabinets

Tuesday: (Homeschool Meeting in Evening)
Laundry: Kids'
- defrost chicken
- make muffins
- steam clean bottom cabinets
- drop off laundry to cleaners

Laundry: Girls
- make crackers
- clean ceiling fan

- make pizza crust

Laundry: All bedding/sheets
- defrost stew meat/shrimp
- make ice cream and cookies
- steam clean counters
- p/u laundry from cleaners
- turn-in recyclables
- defrost Saturday breakfast meats

Laundry: Towels
- defrost ground beef/green beans
- clean microwave and coffee pot
- clean oven

- defrost salami
- make hummus

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